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Welcome to My Portfolio!

I am an environmental scientist, author, and freelance writer who provides 100% Original High-Quality Content for blogs, books, and other media sources.

I am a Native English Speaker and provide a wide array of environmental content.

My Expertise Includes;

Gardening - Mushrooms - Permaculture - Sustainability - Natural Living - Soil Science - Herbal Medicine - Botany - Ecology - And Much Much More!

I strive for clear and responsive communication so feel free to contact me with any offers or questions at

Scroll Down to see some of my work or click on the menu above for my resume or more information (may take a second to load).

Collaborators and Clients

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Planet concious.jpeg
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I am always happy to work outside of freelancing platforms, but you can check out my profiles on UpWork or Fiverr to see the reviews of my happy clients! Alternatively, I am also happy to work within the platforms! What ever you prefer!

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Photography - Click on Photos For Short Texts

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